If Passed, $1 Billion in new Wake County Bonds will raise your property tax for the fourth year in a row!

On the back of your ballot are
3 Wake County Bonds totaling

1 Billion Dollars

You can find many compelling reasons to vote against these bonds on this website and also in the News & Observer article where AgainstTheBonds.com Committee Chairman Robb Ward explains the case against Wake County's needless and excessive spending.

Regardless of your position on these bonds, you'll probably agree that One Billion Dollars is a lot of additional money for any single county to borrow. The Public Schools, Wake Tech and the Parks each have a line item on the county budget to pay for their needs. This is one billion dollars IN ADDITION TO THAT.

Why so much money? Is Wake County broke? Is there an emergency need? Actually quite the opposite. Property values grew by 2.9% in 2017 with a projected 2.1% additional growth this year. Sales tax revenues are increasing by 6% year over year. The fact is, according to Wake County's own budget numbers, the schools, parks and community college can have everything proposed in these bonds without borrowing even one dime and without raising your taxes at all.

Discover the secret behind these bonds and why you should vote NO for all of them. A leading local economist will cut through their smoke & mirrors using Wake County's own budget reports at a meeting of the Wake County Taxpayers Association Thursday, October 25th. The meeting at Golden Corral, 6129 Glenwood Ave., Raleigh, starts at 6:30 PM and is open to the public.

Don't make a billion dollar mistake. Get the truth before you vote.

Bonds in the News


Print AgainstTheBonds.com Palm Cards and give them to everybody!!

Did you know...

$1 Billion of bonds are on the ballot this fall? 

How much is a Billion Dollars? Well, there are 1 million people in Wake County. If you do the math, a billion dollars is $1,000 of additional debt for every man, woman and child in the county. Isn't it time to Vote No?

$548 Million is for Public School Construction?

To put $548,000,000 in perspective, the average Raleigh home costs $200,000. This bond could build 2,740 homes. It would take about 250 new subdivisions to hold them all.  Why isn't WC getting more for our money?   Vote No.

22ยข of every county tax dollar goes to pay debt?

Think of it another way;  if your family income is $100,000... then this is equivalent to paying $22,000 of it for credit card debt!  Would you be that irresponsible? Or would you say No More Needless Spending? Let's Vote No.

WC plans to buy 1800 ac. for open space & parks?
  • The $120 Million dollar bond must be repaid which raises your taxes.
  • Parks require on-going maintenance & expense which raises your taxes.
  • More county owned land decreases tax revenue which raises your taxes.
WC school bonds are  'For the Children?'

Bulldozing perfectly good schools just to rebuild them sets a poor example for our children. There's enough of the 'throw away mentality' in our schools already. Let's set a good example For the Children.  Vote No for all the bonds

Bonds are just an adjustable rate loan?

Adjustable rate loans go up when interest rates go up. Today's interest rates are at an historic low. The only direction they can move is UP!  So, when  rates go up, your taxes go up. It's really that simple, isn't it?  Vote No.

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